Space Planning and Interior Design

When undertaking a renovation or new design, the layout of the spaces and the ways in which they are architecturally detailed has, without a doubt, the most overriding impact on the quality of a place.  Bettina’s multi-disciplined approach looks at the attributes of the complete design right from the onset. The flow of rooms and their connecting spaces are designed to optimize their function and feel (she loves the challenge of even the most “difficult” of spaces).  Furniture arrangements are considered from the onset to ensure that the space works to its full advantage, and the psychology of the plan and its basic aesthetic is discussed to ensure it achieves the desired experience. Dimensioned sketches are provided to the contractor and consultancy is provided as needed during the construction phase. Kitchen and Bathroom designs sometimes involve bespoke built-in cabinets, and these are also drawn and specified for pricing.

*There is some ambiguity to the terms Interior Design and Interior Decoration within the industry and often the titles are used indiscriminately.  Here Interior Design describes the use of structural renovations within the existing four walls.  It includes the removal and/or addition of partition walls, windows, door openings, fireplaces etc.

Finishes and Materials

With an ever-changing palette of materials coming onto the market today, Bettina suggest the most suitable options to fit the project’s practical and aesthetic needs – within the constraints of the budget.  Materials and finishes include all selections required by the contractor to complete a building. Flooring, tile, cabinetry, trim, carpeting, countertops, hardware, wallpaper and paint decisions.  All elements are chosen to work together as an artistic and cohesive palette of color and texture, and communicated as a schedule ready for the contractor to issue.  Details and pertinent installation instructions are specified to ensure a high standard of execution. Plumbing and lighting fixtures are also often selected to complete the list.

Color Consultancy can be offered as a separate service if required.

Interior Decoration & Styling

Interior decoration is often described as the atmospherics of a space. An accomplished scheme identifies and satisfies all the senses, including the way a client thinks about style. With beautiful furnishings and styling a space grows in character and comfort, and should remain practical and above all… interesting. Lighting can animate a space to dramatic effect and is included in the decorative analysis.  An investment such as this deserves to stand the test of time rather than following the fleeting trends of fashion, so listening to the style preferences of the client is imperative. Collaborating with our wide network of reputable workrooms, trades people and artisans ensures that the final installation runs smoothly and to a high standard.

Ranges of budgets are catered to, and trade discounts are passed on to clients.

Built-In Cabinetry & Bespoke Furniture

Custom cabinetry and storage solutions are developed to answer specific and general needs. Closets, cabinets, vanities, bookcases, window seats, fireplace mantles, bespoke joinery and furniture are all designed and sketched to provide detailed specifications for their fabrication.  Working closely with the carpenters and artisans to ensure that they meet expectation.

Lighting & Electrical Layouts

Good lighting is not just about making us look beautiful, it is also absolutely necessary for making a place feel fantastic. A considered lighting layout and well-selected fixtures can create either a soothing or dramatic mood to complement the comfort and aesthetics of the scheme.  Electrical plans are discussed with the electrician and fixtures are suggested for their suitability and effect.

Project Management

Overseeing the implementation of the design and decoration program is key to keeping the schedule on time and to budget. With regular site visits problems and questions can be addressed quickly without delay.  Calling on our professional network of craftspeople and artists to cover any job requirement requires organization and coordination.  Keeping a project moving forward without setback requires the management of orders, installations and delivery schedules. Financial management is provided and an itemized purchase-order-log of payments made is provided to the client. More than this however, ‘getting the job done’ is always more than just being a taskmaster: Undergoing any refurbishment involves an orchestra of talents. Keeping a healthy team spirit alive under the inevitable frustrations of last minute rescheduling issues and delays needs a human touch to ensure that the process is respectful and enjoyable.

Bettina doesn’t stop listening.  Every client comes to the table with a wish list of what he or she wants to create and how it should feel. Added to this are the unique potentials of each property – whether a historic building site or a new construction on a distinctive plot of land.  Bettina’s process is to listen and keep listening as she translates and facilitates the transformation of a home or boutique environment. The result is a space whose signature is the owner – not the designer.


The process of design, construction, furnishing and decorating can be challenging.  The sheer numbers of decisions that need to be made can be daunting. The ability to focus on an inspiring vision establishes a set of priorities that can smooth the path, informing every aspect of the journey. Bettina is passionate, knowledgeable and skilled in her work, helping clients see what is possible and take a project to its fullest expression.  It has earned her a reputation as a reliable resource for original creative ideas and practical advice on any aspect of a building/renovation project.


“Our home is our private environment and our outward persona of who we are in a dynamic form.  At its best, design can transform the functionality of our lives; it can excite us when it reflects who we are and who we want to be, and it supports us in our comfort and need for retreat. The places we design for ourselves are our territorial stamp on where we are.”
Bettina Archer